So Robert Pattinson is and also isn't going out with Elvis's granddaughter Riley Keough. Which is a very impressive feat to have accomplished.

According to the Mirror, R.Patz is dating Lisa Marie Presley's daughter Riley, quoting a source who says 'The relationship is very new but they’ve got close quickly and are hanging out together a lot, enjoying each other's company.' And to make matters worse for poor K.Stew, she's the one who introduced them after they were both in 2010's 'The Runaways'.

'Kristen feels betrayed and hurt that Rob is moving on so quickly after their intense four year romance.' the Mirror's source continued. Things are also said to be hotting up between the new couple, as they are planning on spending all their time together before Rob jets off to Toronto on Monday to start work on his new film. A 'friend' added: 'Riley and Rob are glued to each other's side. Rob's awestruck that he's dating someone related to Elvis as he's a massive fan of rock 'n' roll.'


According to Gossip Cop, none of this is true and everyone's a liar because the photo that everyone is citing of the two in R.Patz's car is apparently not of Riley and they have a source from Keough's camp that says the two very much are not an item.

So he's single and yet not. All the more elusive then. Have at him ladies.