One lucky lady, an air hostess from Australia in actual fact, had her dreams come true when she was part of the audience on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Megan Schilling was invited to don a blindfold and was told she must pick out Robert Pattinson from a line-up, by feel alone.

After giving him a good squeeze from head to toe (but not his face, as that would give it away), the busty blonde moved on to the two other males taking part. But Schilling, from Melbourne, failed to pick out Pattinson, thinking he was someone else. However, she still got a kiss on the cheek from the actor. Obviously not a true fan of RP.

While speaking with Ellen, Pattinson also admitted he has problem speaking in public and is shy, preferring "things where you have a little time to think about what you're saying". He continued. "I've always had a problem actually thinking before I open my mouth ... I have a problem with thinking." Riiight.

-Alicia Coyle