So we all know that Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry have been linked for some time as close pals; he was there for her at the Part Of Me premiere and I'm sure she returned the favour with a token phonecall when K-Stew's sh*t hit the fan. Now though, there's whispers on the grapevine that this pair could be MORE than friends. No way, really? Of course there is; it was only a matter of time before gossipmongers (ourselves included) started pairing Pattinson off with other eligible bachelorettes and whaddaya know, Katy's just been snubbed by eternal bad boy (and Russell Brand lookalike - have you seen his hair lately?), John Mayer.

I do feel a bit sorry for Rob that he can't simply hang out with a friend without the rest of us jumping to some romantic conclusions but sure look it, there's not much else to speculate over on this pissy Monday morning.
According to Perez Hilton, the pair were spotted at Soho House in LA shortly after the news broke that Katy and Mayer's brief dalliance had come to an end. Rumour has it Katy went straight to Pattinson last Thursday to wring her eyes out over Mayer.

What do you reckon then, we know R-Patz has sworn off the notion of ever romantically involving himself with another person currently playing the fame game (which gives us proles more of a chance), but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy a brief high profile rebound relationship?