See what we mean about MTV needing to bring Celebrity Death Match back?

So Robbie has - for some reason or another *coughscolumninches* has decided to make himself an authority on Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton's marriage, or current lack thereof. Let's see what he has to say to The Sun on the matter:

     "I have a very big soft spot for Nic because she's a very decent person. I feel sorry for her as she deserves to be in a good place, in a happy marriage, and I thought she was with Liam. But it would appear that they weren't. Nicole really doesn't deserve all that from Liam. I've very, very fond memories of her. She's a sweetie... I think you're very lucky to find somebody you can coexist with without straying, or going mad, or being angry. That's whether you're Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton, Robbie Williams and Ayda Field, or Tim and June from down the road. Luckily I'm in a relationship where we are heading in the same direction - but Liam and Nicole weren't."

You know, he has a point. But he could've made said point without mentioning names, or - more specifically - Liam Gallagher's name; the world is awash with broken marriages thanks to wandering body parts, Robbie had oodles of other people he could've highlighted by way of example. Clearly he's looking for some sort of mardy reaction.

We expect Liam to come out with his knuckles swinging imminently.