Whether you're a die-hard Take That fan, or came around to Mr. Williams in his solo endeavours, you're going to find this a little heartwarming. Released with Robbie's new single Soul Transmission spliced in and under the video, Robbie's brother-in-law Dylan made a short clip of the newlywed couple on their wedding day and subsequent one year anniversary, and presumably with Robbie's permission, stuck it up on the web for all to see.

Now we don't get to see very much of the actual ceremony, and most of the video is just himself posturing to camera and being very Robbie Williams, but the clips we do see show Robbie gently wiping Ayda's tears away from her face as they stand at the altar, and also the pair of them having a cheeky dance in front of the minister. Aw bless. It's three years on since the two got hitched, and they've kept mostly to themselves in LA where Robbie goes pretty much unnoticed by the celebrity press machine thanks to never really making it over there. All that may end soon though if the rumours about him inking an X-Factor deal are true. Nothing shines a light on your personal life like the PR machine behind Simon Cowell and his reality TV empire. Be warned Robbie.