We think Robbie Williams is great; he's sticking to his word and returning to Dublin on the 14th of September to perform a gig entirely for charity. We also think he's interesting; he thinks his former penchant for UFOs made him fat (we reported that last week) AND today we learn that he regrets not making a sex tape.

It's not for the want of trying though, that Williams failed to produce a sex tape. Speaking with GQ magazine, the Bodies singer said: 'I haven't made a sex tape. I think I was videoed once but it didn't work. But it had been set up... Right now, being married for so long, if I could go back in time I'd have done a couple of sex tapes I think.'

If you really had your heart set on it Robbie, you could still give it a bash now, no?

Despite trying, it just "didn't work" and he's "glad" it ended up on the cutting room floor: "I was obviously glad it didn't work because it involved copious amounts of cocaine and playing snooker with a rope."

Ehh... right.