Whoot! That means more photo ops like the above. If not, at least we'll always have this picture to wheel out whenever the opportunity arises. Nothing warms the cockles more than a tiny baby nuzzling your neck. Especially when said baby happens to be on a half naked Robbie Williams.

The 40-year-old singer took to his Twitter last night to announce that he and his wife Ayda Field are expecting their second child together and they're looking forward to their 19-month-old daughter Teddy Rose having a sibling.

Robbie, who married Ayda in 2010, was inundated with congratulatory messages from his fans after sharing the happy news.

Back in 2012, he was initially voiced his concerns about becoming a father for the first time because he didn't know if he could "step up".

He said at the time: "I've been a very selfish person for a long time and I've indulged myself in every way possible. Then, all of a sudden, a person comes into the world that I've got to look after and be responsible for. I was terrified that I wasn't going to be able to step up and be the father I want to be to her."

However, he soon settled in to the role and admitted last year he couldn't wait to expand his brood.

He said: "My little girl is wonderful. Little Teddy. We are going to do more of them because they are amazing."

They are amazing. Even if they are little sleep parasites - that grow into little people that you worry about constantly. It's the best.