Those of you who are upwardly mobile (pun intended) types, consuming podcasts, streaming music and dab hands at Instagram, Twitter and various other social meedjas to your heart's content might occasionally grow weary of slow download speeds on your smartphone while on the go. Well, those days are over now with the launch of Three's incredible new 4G service. From January 27th, Three Prepay and Bill Pay customers will be able to download apps faster, enjoy more videos and upload content a lot quicker with Three’s FREE 4G for SIX MONTHS.

As you probably copped from the above picture, Ireland captain Robbie Keane couldn't be happier with the new service, saying: "It’s great to be an ambassador for Three and to witness the network going from strength to strength since Three became official sponsor of the international team. For me, 4G means quicker access to my family when I Skype home and faster download of movies on the go!"

Here are the details:

  • As of January 27th, both Bill Pay and Prepay customers will receive 4G access FREE until July 31st. All Three customers with compatible phones will be able to experience the next generation of speeds after a quick software update, without changing their tariff or SIM, subject to coverage.
  • From August 1st, Bill Pay customers can continue to receive 4G access by simply purchasing an add-on to their bill for €4.99 per month and Prepay customers will receive a special offer, which will be revealed in the coming months.

At launch Three will offer significant coverage with over 60% coverage in the cities of Galway, Limerick and Waterford and 40% in Dublin and Cork and they say that total population coverage will grow quickly over the coming months.

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