An event by the name of '40 Principales' took place in Madrid on Friday night. Presumably they're awards, held in Madrid, which celebrate foreign (largely UK) acts... Here's who turned up and possibly what they were thinking:

Robbie Williams: Oh man, this is great. I get to have a dry run at my chance to redeem myself in front of the X Factor audience tomorrow night. Gee, imagine if I came in at the wrong time and missed my cue and had to sing the same line twice in a row... that. Would be. Horrific. The 15 million people watching the X Factor would really think I've lost it then... But that won't happen, nope, everything's going to be tickety-booYAH. Oh, yeeeaaah.

Mika: Hi. I'm Mika. I'm mysterious. Oh, what's this?  I think I might have something on my face that might interest people who are into mossy growths, or Grace Jones, or even the Terminator franchise. Mika and Mystery go hand in hand.

Alexa (for that is what they have her down as on WENN) Dixon: WOW, this crowd is LOVIN' me. MMWWAAWWW, that's for you there, dahlin'. Man, this feels good. I NEVAH get this much love at home. How do they even know me here, anyway?

Nelly Furtado: I don't look stumpy, I don't look stumpy, I don't look stumpy.

Pixie Lott: Oh. Cool. Another carpet to walk up... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Shakira: I just couldn't decide on what belt to wear. But then I thought, I am Shakira, I can wear as many belts as I have braids in my hair.

James Morrison: I've got a cunning plan...

Robbie Williams: Yep. I just feel so at home up here. I'm SO ready for tomorrow night. X Factor part two. It's going to ba magical. I mean, what could go wrong this time?

James Morrison: Man, I'm sick of just being sat onstage with a guitar. I have so much more to give.

Nelly Furtado: This is marginally better, although I do resemble a jockey in mourning with an ass that just won't quit. Between that, the Rapunzel plait and the glittery nits in my hair - stylist, you are going DOWN....

James Morrison: Nelly, you seem distracted, let me duet with you, I need the people of Spain to see I'm more than one man and a guitar. PLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASEE NNEEEELLLLLLLLYYYYY!

Nelly Furtado: OK... But just this once. EEEEEP, I can't believe I'm deuting with Chris Martin!!!

Alesha Dixon: OK. They're just takin' the mick with the 'love' now, innit. They're just havin' a right laugh. Do they seriously expect me to hold on to this fing for the rest of the night? What the f*** is it anyway?

Mika: AAAAH, I had a thing on my face. Did you notice the thing. It has now mysteriously disappeared. So mysterious.

Shakira: HI, yes, I got two awards for my costume change, TWO. WOOO. Look, Pixie, my and my braids have got four hands for being fabulous, what did you get for your costume change, eh?

Pixie Lott: Nuffink, it's just pants. It's always just... pants.

Alesha Dixon: Oi, Lott, d'you want this fing. You can tie it round your waist, as a skirt or summink. F***ing ting is freaking the life out of me. Taking the mick, innit.