KStew and RPatz are getting all cuddly again, and are apparently so smitten with each other that they're taking a good ole camper van Eurotrip this summer. No, really.

Since finishing up on his new movie The Rover in Australia, Rob has been 'showering' Kristen Stewart with affection, or say say sources close to the pair. 'Kristen and Rob couldn't be happier. They are getting along wonderfully and really enjoying each other's company. Rob has been showering Kristen with affection. He really missed her and is spending all of his time with her. And the dogs of course. I think this is the strongest their relationship has ever been.'

The two have been spotted several times out in Los Angeles in recent days, with RPatz previously said to have used his time in Australia to contemplate the future of his relationship with Kristen following her fling with married director Rupert Sanders last August. But an insider recently said that the actress was desperate to get their relationship back on track and prove her commitment.

A source previously said: 'Kristen is confident that her relationship with Rob is stronger than ever and has no problem whatsoever with Rob wanting to take things slow. They have been together pretty much non-stop since he's been back. He has just only arrived but the first person he wanted to see and spend time with is Kristen, and of course (their dogs) Bear and Bernie.' And to prove the point to themselves, they're apparently road-tripping across the continent this summer.

A source told The Sun newspaper: 'Rob has been planning the trip for a while. Before they got back together he intended to go to Italy, France and Germany if time allows. They will have a group of friends on the same trip - and they have asked their mutual pal Katy Perry to meet up along the way. She has been there for both of them during difficult times.'

So if you're lucky enough to be interrailing or hitting some of the tourist traps this summer, you might just find yourself in the company of actual, factual celebrities. Reckon they'll hit Ireland? Pretty sure we could put a smile on KStew's face.