Start keeping your eyes peeled for those four horsemen.

The residents of a Chinese city awoke last week to find that their river was a deep shade of crimson that it usually wasn't, and had people understandably freaking the hell out.

According to China Radio International, citizens of the city of Wenzhou, east China noticed the river begin to darken at about 6am last Thursday. Environmental Protection Bureau officers were sent to take samples of the water, suspecting that someone upstream dumped a lot of red pollutants into the river. Chief of the Wenzhou bureau Jianfeng Xiao told China News, “We suspect that somebody dumped artificial coloring in the water because he thought the typhoon yesterday would cause heavy rain, and nobody would notice. It turned out there wasn’t heavy rainfall yesterday, so the evidence is left behind."


Xiao also told reporters there were paper mills, food-colouring and clothing factories along the river, but locals were quoted as saying there were no chemical factories upstream.

Our guess? Dragons. It is China sure.

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