The more stuff I read about Rita Ora, the less I like her. OK, so Calvin Harris's stalking room isn't exactly her doing, but what she has to say here regarding pleasing one's partner and finding unavailable men "wohoo!" territory has really straddled my goat.

First up, the kinky bedroom pleasing. When asked about playing characters in the boudoir, she told The Daily Star: "When you have a partner you have got to do what they want. So satisfy that partner and they should do the same to you. Everybody has an imagination and can be a bit creative. But you keep it to one person... you don't want to be too generous."

While she's bang on regarding "not being too generous", I'm not too keen on her sentiments about "having to do what they want." ONLY EVER do what you feel comfortable with. And as for "satisfy that partner and they should do the same to you" - well that's just all manner of wrong. There you are, two people that probably shouldn't be together (considering), forcing each other to do stuff neither of you are particularly comfortable about/nowhere near into. That's real healthy.

The blonde beauty is set to hit the big screen in the adaptation of E. L. James' novel Fifty Shades of Grey and somewhat admires her co-star Jamie Dornan who had wife Amelia Warner and his daughter - who was born in November 2013 - on set.

She added: "Jamie is gorgeous. And he had his wife and his kid on the set a lot. But that makes him hotter... an unavailable guy for me is a bit like - wohoo!"

Grim. Suddenly Rihanna seems like the level headed one.