That's one way of highlighting how you're dealing with a recent split - especially when you're the dumpee. And who's that headless man wrapped in a towel in the background? Not that we're ones to start rumours, or anything. While we're at it, It appears Rita prefers to ingest her smoothies directly off a table as opposed to the usual method of employing a drinking receptacle. Possibly another reason for the split.

The 29-year-old DJ and singer-turned-actress had been dating for nine months when Calvin decided to call time on his relationship last month because of busy work schedules. That old chestnut.

A source told The Sun: "Rita and Calvin have split. It's been tough for both of them but it's been even harder for them to spend time together recently. He's busy DJing and she's working on her new album and shooting 50 Shades Of Grey." PLUG, PLUG, PLUG. 

The source added: "Calvin is more private when it comes to fame than Rita, which also played a part. He'd be happy to meet someone who has nothing to do with the industry."

'Nuff said.