Rihanna's doting dad Ronald Fenty (who - apologies Graham, has a hum of the Norton off him - see below) would love to welcome Chris Brown into the family. You know, 'cause as a dad he wants what's best for his little girl, 'n stuff...

He told Life & Style magazine: "Whatever makes her happy. I hope one day she will get married. Everyone adores Chris, he's a super guy. The family loved Chris Brown before they met him." Well, that says it all really. 

Then Ronald banged on again about how much respect Chris shows him: "I always thought he was extremely talented. He is a good person and always gave me great respect."

However, Rihanna's friends think it would be a terrible idea if she tied the knot with Chris. They still haven't forgot the injuries the Don't Wake Me Up hitmaker inflicted on her and they collectively believe the pair are a combustible couple.

A source said: "I wouldn't be surprised if she married him just to show that she and Chris don't care what anyone thinks and can do whatever they want. It's kind of scary. Their reconciliation has already upset her friends and management. They're an explosive combination."

Rihanna and her formerly drug addicted father have had a difficult relationship for several years. For example, she didn't speak to her dad for a lengthy period after he turned up drunk to one of her shows and trashed her tour bus in 2008."