Fans of superstars as major as Rihanna are no stranger to never ending queues in torrential downpours of rain to catch a glimpse of their ultimate idol, let alone score a spot in the pit at one of their hotly anticipated gigs.

For the most part, said stars say they appreciate the extreme conditions that their fans have to endure, but being 'appreciated' won't keep us mere mortals from developing hypothermia as we wait in line for hours on end, soaked through to our very core. What will help is pizza; pizza always helps. Rihanna, sounder that she is, acknowledged how miserable it must have been for her fans awaiting her show, that she ordered pizza for everyone and even threw in free towels with which to dry off. Legend. 

If she's going all out to ensure her fans remain loyal for years to come by feeding them with pizza? Mission accomplished.

Via Time