Firstly, Rihanna's Instagram is just too much at this hour of the morning. Secondly, for someone who's declared themselves as an underwear phobic, she sure likes getting photographed in her scanties. Lastly, seemingly she's so scared of her underwear that she's reportedly seeking therapy.

Someone in the know told Heat magazine: "She's seeking therapy to overcome her feeling of entrapment when wearing bras and knickers. She insists she feels more free and liberated when she goes commando." I suppose it feels like she's not working. You know when you come in from work and you don't feel properly settled 'til you wriggle out of the smart casuals. 

As for who she's attending for the alleged counselling, no one's sure who they are. She should go see whoever got Britney Spears back in a bra; she owes them her current career. 

And there endeth your first informative instalment of Gossip this Friday morning. Oh, okaaaay, here's just one of the photos I had to look at while trying to locate a picture of Rihanna pantless on Instagram


Nothing to see here. Just a bit of paddle boarding. I think.