Everyone stop what you're doing immediately, a celebrity has been hurt and that celebrity is Rihanna, so everyone to your flaming torches and pitchforks because RiRi has scratched her knee. Oh.

Rihanna's in jolly old London to promote her collaborative fashion collection with River Island at London Fashion Week, but couldn't even manage to hang around long enough to impress anyone. Having requested a luxury trailer be kitted out at the venue for the runway show, Rihanna arrived almost an hour late and then proceeded to hang out in her Winnebago before showing face for all of ten seconds at the end. Then, instead of partying with everyone literally next to the fashion show which she was parked beside, she disappeared off into Soho to go shopping in sex shops with supermodel Cara Delevingne and some other mates. Nice way to show your gratitude for an £800,000 deal, eh?

After leaving a clubbing it up until 4am, Rihanna decided to take her leave and while walking to her car some ass apparently started shouting at her about Chris Brown and chucked a bottle of Lucozade her way. Which is actually just not sound now really. Now it didn't hit her, or anyone else from what we've heard, but it did cause her to stumble and scratch her leg off a shutter, which caused everyone to lose their minds. So much so that her bodyguard, who fell after chasing the bottler, required hospital treatment. Over a little scratch. Really now. We get the whole protective nature people over her, and getting abuse in the street from a crazy randomer at 4am is never fun, but calm down everyone. She's not lost a limb. Although seeing as it was a metal grate outdoors in Soho that she cut her leg on, she may want to get a tetanus shot. Because you never know whats going down in an alley in Soho.