Sure it wouldn't have been a proper trip to Dublin without a proper dose of 'the fear', wha'...

We did insinuate she might have a bit of a ropey head on her after spending the night in O'Donoghue's, but we didn't expect it to reach crisis point - i.e. a frenzied phone call to Beyonce shortly before she was about to take to the O2 stage on Friday night.

Things are said to have come to a head when the 23-year-old apparently wanted to cancel the Dublin gig at the last minute after getting "stressed out." The Bajan singer - who is currently in the midst of a 10-month, 101 date world tour - is believed to have made a tear-filled call to Beyoncé, who convinced her to do the show but advised her to take some time off, preferably soon.

A source told The Sun, "She's just a young woman who just wants to have fun, but she was feeling pretty low. It's a mix of exhaustion and stress. She's been partying hard to take her mind off things, but there are days when she wakes up and doesn't even know where she is because of the travelling. It's no wonder she is feeling down. She [Beyoncé] knows Rihanna needs downtime or she'll burn out."

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