If that's what she wants to spend her money on, yaddah, yaddah, etc, the usual. Seriously though - SIX THOUSAND POUNDS! And she didn't even have actual diamonds embedded into her nails, or anything.

The Rude Boy' singer, who is currently enjoying some time off from her busy schedule on her luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, flew out her A-list nail technician Jenny Longworth to tend to her talons for the hefty sum.

Rihanna is said to have put the Revelon ambassador up in luxury accommodation after paying for her first class flights as well as the regular price of the sought after beautician's fees.

A source informed the Daily Mirror: "Rihanna is quite fussy and wants to be able to trust her glamour team. She's known Jenny for a while and loves her technique, so would prefer to pay for her to fly out to Italy than risk going to a stranger. Rihanna also travels with a hairstylist to keep her luscious locks in check and is looking for an eyelash extension guru to work on her peepers."

The Bajan - who has been joined on the trip by her best pal Melissa Forde - was pictured partying in videos posted to her pal's Instagram account. Here's one of the videos - Rihanna's nails do feature briefly, but are slightly overshadowed by other *ahems* areas. it's as NSFW as you'd expect it to be. Nothing gets displaced, but there's a lot of movement. I've said too much.

The source added: "Riri's staff love working for her as they get to party like rockstars aboard an extravagant yacht. Once you have entered the inner circle the perks are endless."