Apparently so. She flew back to the States to confirm on Ellen that she is indeed single, sex starved and has a penchant for "aggressive men" (all TV is live, isn't it?), before jetting back over to Europe to play our lovely O2 arena tomorrow night.

Weeell, according to The Daily Star, she might have a bit of a head on her tomorrow morning 'cause she's only after booking out O'Donoghue's on Baggot Street for a Thanksgiving dinner. Why not. If it's good enough for Bono...

Someone gunning for a skirmish outside the pub later this evening told the paper: "She has reserved O'Donoghue's pub on Baggot Street for 100 guests. She's handpicked a special menu laid on by top French restaurant Hugo's, which is across the street from the traditional Irish pub. Rihanna and her crew have been on the road for a long time and they're all missing out on sharing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with their families."

Whatever about all that, what'll they be horsing into??!!: "The menu includes clam chowder soup and a turkey dinner with mash, vegetables and cranberry sauce. There will be side dishes of macaroni and cheese, plus sweet potato mash with marshmallow sauce (*heaves*). For pudding there's apple cobbler with biscuit crumble."

Not that I'm generalising, but where's the pumpkin pie at? No pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving is like no vat of the black stuff, topped off with a Charlie's chicken curry, several Jagerbombs and an impromptu purging session somewhere in Templebar on Paddy's Day.