Rihanna decided that enough was enough when it came to being tarnished in the press today, lashing out at Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones after Jones wrote an article condemning Rihanna's behaviour as a role model for young women, calling her a 'poisonous pop princess should come with a government health warning'.

Riri's response? Calling out all the mistakes/corrections she has for the article and posting a less than impressive picture of Jones to her millions of followers on Instagram.

Jones' article refers to Rihanna as a 'toxic role model for her army of young fans', and claims she changes her image to land lucrative deals such as her Vogue cover and River Island collaboration, and then reverts to an attitude and dress that 'promotes drug-taking, drinking and the sort of fashion sense on stage that surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least'.

Rihanna's full response?

'LOL!!!! My money got a bad habit of pissing people off!! If you sincerely wanna help little girls more than their own parents do, here's a toxic tip: don't be amateur with your articles, you sound bitter!'

'What's all this about hair and nails and costumes and tattoos??... That s**t ain't clever!!! That s**t ain't journalism! That's a sad sloppy menopausal mess!!!'

'She continued: 'Nobody over here acts like they're perfect! I don't pretend that I'm like you, i just live... My life!! And I don't know why y'all still act so surprised by any of it!!'

''Role Model' is not a position or title that I have ever campaigned for, so chill wit dat! I got my own f**ked up s**t to work on, I'll never portray that as perfect, but for right now it's ME!!'

'Call it what ya want!! Toxic was cute, Poisonous Pop Princess had a nice ring to it, just a lil wordy! And P.S. my first American Vogue cover was in 2011...APRIL!!! #ElizabethAnnJones'