Well, that might explain a lot of things, lIke the relentless albums, collaborations, that mental tour involving a load of journalists being incarcerated on a plane, and possibly the underwear phobia...

The omnipotent folk at TMZ have landed their mitts on legal documents that state the singer was "effectively bankrupt" in 2009. Apparently she had in the region of $11million tucked away at the beginning of the year, and then sweet FA by the end of it... Well, she had $2million left. Not to be sniffed at obviously, but where did the other $9million go?

Now, before we start thinking that her accountant was living it up on her credit cards, buying himself fancy bags and quaffing bubbles at every opportunity, it looks like he just gave her a bad tip on a house.

TMZ reports: "she says her accountant gave her the green light to buy a house priced between $7 and 7 1/2 million. So she took his advice. She ultimately sold the house for a $2 million LOSS. She also claims her 2009 tour - Last Girl on Earth Tour - was losing money but the accountant never gave her the heads up. The legal docs were filed in connection with a lawsuit Rihanna filed against her accountant, claiming gross mismanagement." In short, she's suing him.

On the upside, all of the aforementioned collaborations, deluge of albums, and constant bouts of nudity have managed to earn her $41million in the last 4 years.

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