Don't worry, we'll get to the models-straddling-models bit imminently (Rick Owens, you have outdone yourself), but first to Rihanna's arrival at Paris Fashion Week. She kept it well casual for her flight from America, arriving in Charles de Gaulle sporting a refreshingly baggy ensemble, alongside the failsafe footwear of most men holidaying in their 60s - socks avec sandals. 

Such was the volume of paps present, she was nearly rendered blind at one point. We're looking forward to seeing what other ensembles she'll be wearing around town. 

Kendall Jenner and bosom buddy Gigi Hadid continued to wear Balmain wherever they went (well, it was the Balmain after party, after all). They were obviously advised to coordinate their outfits by going 'nude'.


And now to the proverbial pièce de résistance - Rick Owen's PFW show. He had 'normal' ensembles on the catwalk also, but all anyone's talking about are his baby carrier creations for the best friends in your life. I bet Kanye is RAGING he didn't think of this first... The last one is our favourite - obviously a career highlight for everyone involved, non?