Rihanna and Drake reportedly spent more than $17,000 in a strip club. And it's safe to say that they probably didn't spend it in the gift shop.

Riri and Drake (who are rumoured to have rekindled their short-lived romance earlier this week) splashed the cash at a gentlemen's club in Houston, Texas, in the early hours of Thursday morning and didn't leave till past 5am.

Earlier this week, Drake attended one of Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour gigs in Dallas, Texas, before taking her out for dinner, and it seems Rihanna repaid the favour on Wednesday by attending his concert in Houston, Texas, and the pair later reunited at V Live Gentlemen's Club, with Riri reportedly arriving alone at 2am before being ushered to Drake's private VIP section when he arrived half an hour later.

According to dancer Jhonni Blaze (which is an amazing name, let's face it) - who claims she entertained the pair for more than three hours - the musicians 'looked like a couple' and were 'really cool people'. In between dances, Jhonni says she bonded with Rihanna over their similar shaved hairstyles, but Drake 'was too busy throwing money'.

The dancer also reveals she was called over to entertain the two after Rihanna spotted her in another area. When she joined them, the audacious singer whipped out a wad of cash and 'started slapping my butt'.

By the end of their raucous night, Drake is said to have spent $10,000, while Rihanna spent just over $5,000 before exiting the strip club in the same car as Drake.

So those 'dancers' definitely had a good day at the office.