Dressing well is a skill that requires knowing what works, what doesn’t and of course, sticking to a budget.

For Ryker Wixom (pause for a moment and appreciate that name, this kid is destined for fame) and his mother Collette, their website and Instagram account is dedicated to mastering that skill, in particular the bit about the budget.

Collette does the styling while Ryker recreates the poses and looks of some of the biggest celebrities around, from Ryan Gosling to Pharrell, as well as men's fashion models, all with enviable style.


As we well know, it’s not easy being so darn stylish, but Ryker pulls it off with easily and comes across as a natural. Now all we need is to see Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Ryker doing his best Gosling pose, and t-shirt inception can blast off to a whole new level. 

Via Carbonated.tv