Given the poor reputation that cycling has gotten in recent years, we can at least be sure that these lads were definitely riding clean...

A Norwegian cycling event had a bit of a mishap this past weekend when riders accidentally ingested washing detergent, mistaking it for a sports energy drink. The FredagsBirken long-distance mountain bike race took place in Rena near Oslo, and organisers thought that it would be a good idea to hand out free samples at the end to participants. 

Amongst those samples was Omo Activ & Sport, a laundry detergent that has been designed with athletes in mind, to help get tough stains and smells off their clothes. However, a few riders mistook it for an energy drink, and gulped down a few mouthfuls before realising their mistake. 

Six in total were taken to A&E in Rena, and were given plenty of fluids to try and counteract the effects of ingesting the detergent, which according to the Norwegian Poison Control Centre wouldn't be that bad in small doses, although they did say that "it produces some foam and it is natural that one will experience some discomfort for a time after drinking it."

Ingunn Rønningen Kleven, who was part of the team that organised the event, told Norwegian news agency NTB that "We have never experienced anything like this before. But usually we hand out samples of mackerel in tomato and the like; that might be a little safer."

The organisers did eventually add a sign saying that Omo was not to be ingested, while a representative from the manufacturer said that they were "deeply sorry" that there had been some confusion which had adversely affected those who drank the liquid, and as a result they would reconsider their packaging to make it clearer that it was not a sports drink. 

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