Although awards ceremony monologues are often written weeks in advance with a team of writers, improvisation and ad-libbing can always take place.

After all, it's supposed to appear like it's simply being done off-the-cuff, so throwing in a little on-the-spot jokes is always accepted. However, when it's Ricky Gervais and the Golden Globes, it's a little different.

The Mirror is reporting that several A-listers have given up their front row seats to the Golden Globes specifically because they don't want to be caught in Gervais' line of sight. Per the Mirror's source, "at least four household names have switched from front row seats" in an attempt to keep out of Gervais' roasting.

In his four previous times hosting the Golden Globes, Gervais has put some withering putdowns on well-known names like Ben Affleck, Tim Allen, Charlie Sheen and many more. All that said, Gervais has said he promises to go easy this year.

Which, let's face it, isn't why you get him to host for five times. You get him to host it because you want him to be as vicious as he is. Come on, like. You're watching ridiculously rich people get drunk on TV. The least we can get out of is someone else making fun of them.