Wow, so it's true what they say about the maternal hormones kicking in during pregnancy - Nicole Richie has suddenly sprang a conscience regarding a number of issues; first her and Joel started their own children's charity and now she's launched a campaign to save America's lampposts from a plague of dog pee. The 'Simple Life' star is promoting Swedish inventor Lennart Jarlerbro's dog urinals which are tied to street lights, preventing them from being eroded by the animals' urine. Nicole - who is expecting her first child in January - said: "This invention is just so clever. It's a cute rubber cup attached to the post and a hose that pipes urine into the gutter." Jarlerbro, who revealed his designs earlier this month, came up with the idea after getting annoyed at seeing lampposts prematurely corroded. He said: "The average lamppost has a lifespan of 30 years but my invention could add a further 15 years." Gee, that's so handy, especially with all dogs being so meticulous with the trejectory of their urine, particularly in the presence of a cute cup.