Those multi-billionaires are a mad bunch, but when they make a bet they keep a bet, or at least so it seems after Virgin boss Richard Branson spent a flight dressed as one of his own air hostesses after he lost a bet to AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandez.

The two had bet each other that their respective teams in the Grand Prix Formula One would beat the other in 2010, and when Fernandez's Lotus team placed two higher than Virgin, the deal was done. Branson didn't actually seem that bothered though, and looked like he quite enjoyed his five hour flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.

'I am a great believer about throwing myself into life and having a bit of fun and making sure everyone has a laugh. I like to give people a smile. We used to have entertainers on our planes and I am thinking about reintroducing them. Musicians, comedians, drag queens and others could get the chance to fly for free if they entertain the passengers. It is something I am seriously considering to bring back soon.'

Also, to get his own back, he tipped a tray of drinks over Fernandez on the flight. Boys will be boys eh?