Richard and Judy's little girl has gone and got herself in a spot of bother once again. Chloe Madeley has already been caught doing drugs *strikes off the list*, has posed in her negligees *strikes off the list*, so what is next for the heir to Punch and Judy? Well, she has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

It appears that she had overturned her Peugeot car, after hitting a parked car, at around 3:30 in the morning while on her way back from a chemist..........seriously, that's what the spokesperson said. Are we to believe that she may have had more then the RDA of cough bottle at a 24 hour chemist? After the police were summoned to the scene of the overturned car, Chloe had legged it (sign of an innocent woman).It was only after they checked the reg of the motor that they realised who owned it. She was later found nearby (where nearby is, we have no idea) and after being breathalysed, was slightly over the limit and arrested.

Her spokesperson went on to say that "Chloe would like to apologise for her actions and accepts full responsibility for the damage caused."

Anyone want to place bets on her going to rehab next?

-Alicia Coyle