RIOT opens with hooded figures singing a traditional Irish song like something from the opening of the original Riverdance. Emmet Kirwan and The Lords Of Strut interrupt proceedings, bursting onto the stage with their own brand of Irishness, spoken word and mad dancing are their chosen forms expression.

And that's what the whole show is about, a proclamation of intent from millennial Ireland declared through a 90 minute circus cabaret show. This is our country, we have ideas, we want to be heard and we have glitter.

Spoken word poet Emmet Kirwan, dancers and comedians Lords of Strut, aerial performer Ronan Brady and The Queen of Ireland Panti are amongst those who have teamed up with ThisIsPopBaby top create this show. It debuted at last year's Tiger Fringe where it won best production and has now moved to Vicar Street for a limited run.

Everyone gets their moment to shine, the tempo shifts constantly from nightclub to a more meditative affair. You can expect dancing, singing, lip synching, acrobatics and plenty of theatrics. Ronan Brady's acrobatic aerial routine was a particular highlight for me, it's not often you get to see a man in a full GAA kit flying over the heads of a theatre audience while performing a strip tease.

While the performers are all excellent, the strength of this show is how it makes its audience feel. You're not just watching the show, you're invited to engage and participate in the experience. The emphasis is on making the audience feel connected to the world and to each other. I walked out of Vicar Street believing change is possible, believing that I can make a difference in the world. That's pretty extraordinary for a theatre show on a Thursday night.

Five stars

RIOT is on in Vicar Street today and tomorrow. Tickets available via ticketmaster.