Turns out you can judge a book by it's cover, sort of.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have had a study publish which claims that men can tell how faithful a woman is just by looking at her photo.

The study allowed men to pick between two separate, hoping to choose the most faithful one. 34 pictures of heterosexual women between 20 and 42 were used, dividing them into pairs of 17. 

43 heterosexual men took part in the study, while another 29 men were asked to rate the woman based on their perceived trustworthiness.

The results showed a correlation between perceived trustworthiness and accurate judgements of faithfulness. A further 60 men were asked to take the experiment again to see if the results would differ, but they didn't.

The men were right 55-59% of the time. So basically, just over half the time, hardly conclusive. We're not calling bullshit, but with such a small test sample, we'd be interested to see the results of a 1,000 men. 

Also, let's see if women can do the same, because we have a feeling that it's people, not just men, that can tell if someone isn't trustworthy based on their appearance. 

Via Independent.co.uk