Whenever you watch Crufts, the thing to marvel at is how finely trained and turned out each and every dog is.

Whether it's the impossibly elegant poodles, the wonderfully smart German Shepherds, the big floofy Newfoundlanders, whatever it is - they're all great. However, the final part of Crufts where it turns its attention to rescue dogs is by far the best.

These dogs, they're not purebreds. They're not champion dogs nor are they especially clever or highly trained. But damn it, those are our dogs. Those stupid dogs who can barely take direction, run in out of tunnels and play peek-a-boo, grab big sticks they have no hope of carrying anywhere, and just run about the place and bump into things.

Those, friends, are the dogs we all know and love because we've all had one. Think about your old, fluffy, mongrel dog now for 30 seconds. How beautiful it is to know that stupid, fluffy dogs like this chap right here in the video below are so loved by all of you, and how much they reciprocate that love back to you whenever they can, however they can.

Enjoy the video.