Yes, that's it, Frozen has finally taken over the world. 

Pat Roberts is a 78-year-old Republican senator from Kansas, and may well be the last person in the world that you would have marked down as a fan of Disney's hit movie Frozen. Well it turns out that if you did think that, you're horribly prejudiced because this movie has brought joy and song into the hearts and lives of millions regardless of age, and we hope you feel suitably ashamed about that. 

Anyway, Roberts was in the middle of a financial meeting during which he was putting questions to Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture,  when his phone went off. That's bad enough (he should know by now to slap that on silent) but OMG TOTES AWKY MOMO ALERT it started blasting out 'Let It Go'. 

We feel he played it well with the "let it go" joke though, so props for that. He's probably won himself a few votes by showing his human side, although mainly among 7-12-year-old children who won't be able to legally cast a vote for a few years yet. Still though, playing the long game. We respect that.

Via i100