TV reporter Melissa Stark took one too many hits to the head (one looks like plenty to be honest) when she was hit by an American football while reporting for the NFL Network from London.

The Good Morning Football presenter said: “Oh, okay, nothing like live television” after being smacked in the back of the head by the stray ball, assuring viewers “I’m okay.”

Towards the end of the video, as the practise starts coming closer to her, Stark can be seen getting more stressed out and fearful that she was going to get hit again. She maintained professional and had a sense of humour throughout the broadcast, saying “I’ve really taken one for the team!”

“I’m really not in a good area here. I’m gonna wrap it up and send it back to you guys…. How did you guys not laugh the first time it happened!?”

She added at the end: “I might be on the injury report. I’m now officially questionable.”

You can watch the video here:


The game saw the Tennessee Titans go up against the Los Angeles Chargers (with the latter winning 20-19), the second of three NFL fixtures this season to be played at London's Wembley stadium.

Remarkably, having covered the NFL for 20 years, the incident marked the first time Stark has been hit by a football while reporting.

She joked about what happened and shared a gif of the moment later on Twitter: