Although rents are rising across the country, the increases haven't been as sharp as they were in the boom.

That's according to new figures released today showing Ireland's rental prices have gone up 11% in the past twelve months.

In Cork, the average rent per month is €897, an increase of 8% whilst prices in the City of the Tribes, Galway, have gone up 7% to €875 from last year.

Meanwhile, in Limerick and Waterford, a month's rent has increased by 6% and 5% respectively.

The national average now stands at €933, compared to €842 from last year.

The report's author, economist Ronan Lyons, said that although rents are rising across the country, Dublin's rental prices are holding steady.

"However, even if an easing in Dublin inflation continues and stops the affordability crisis from worsening, it does nothing to change the availability crisis," Lyons explained.

According to Lyons' figures, Dublin's population is growing by 10,000 households per year whilst Dublin City Council has said that less than 500 properties under construction in its area.