She inserted her hoof so far in it in fact that 70,000 people (and counting) have signed a petition effectively banning her from television, which would mean she ceases to exist in our living rooms - hurrah.

Rent-a-gob (probably the best thing Peaches Geldof ever has/ever will utter) Katie Hopkins posted the following tweet regarding Scottish life expectancy in the wake of that helicopter crashing into a Glaswegian pub on Friday. Not clever.

Katie was quick to tweet an apology and spout the following during a BBC interview: "A healthy life expectancy for a healthy boy born in 2010 is just 59.5 years and I find that a really big figure. So I put that onto Twitter and of course that coincided with a terrible tragedy. And I have apologised for the very poor timing of that tweet (my arse), which then of course felt very horribly directed at entirely the wrong people."

As opposed to the implied work-shy populace of Scotland as a whole. Twat.