Donald Trump has riled up Cardi B.

Cardi B took to Twitter to bash Trump's actions over the last few weeks. In fairness, we're surprised it's taken this long for the rapper to voice her opinion on the US President.

Cardi B references Trump shutting down the US Federal Government, re-opening it, and making employees return to work without getting paid. She also brings Barack Obama into the fray.

Have a look at the rant below.


And now, here is the remix from YouTuber Andrew Rose Gregory. What a track.


Gregory also playfully had a dig at Kylie Jenner's most recent Instagram post. Jenner posted a photo of an egg, that is now the most liked photo on the social media platform.

The performer tweeted, "but can this tweet get more RTs than an egg."


Let's make it happen people, retweet this man!