What kind've inane question is that - of COURSE you do. Their She's Got Legs video used to embarrass me hugely whenever it came on MT USA for some reason. Like when Chris DeBurgh's Patricia The Stripper blared on the radio. But I digress (it's this DAMN fever, I can't shake it. I'll be sporting a bubble suit the next time I look after the Godson), the 80s super group (of course they were a super group; they've got women's fishnet clad arses pressed to their faces - they're gods!) are planning a new world tour, but it won't mirror their last.

Of their tour, which aimed to "take Texas to the people", guitarist Billy Gibbons said: "We had a number of rattlesnakes, vultures and even a couple of buffalo onstage. It was authentic! It was disastrous. At first, everything went well: the rattlers behaved, the birds seemed to stand the noise and the buffalo grazed quietly, until one night one buffalo decided he’d had enough. He rammed two glass cages containing the snakes. Suddenly we had a dozen rattlers crawling around onstage. Our drummer (Frank Beard - and the only band member not to have one) suggested we play something quiet to soothe them a stupid idea, 'cause most snakes are deaf. We didn't even attempt it. We just fled and left the roadies to minimise the damage."