Leonardo DiCaprio's arguably the most recognisable actor working today.

His performances in The Revenant, Wolf of Wall Street, Inception and countless others have all earned him the reputation as being one of the most versatile and committed actors working today. But, as we all know, it's not just about acting nowadays - it's about lucrative sponsorship deals for big-name brands.

While DiCaprio's done a few advertisements in the past for the likes of Tag-Heuer and so on, it's primarily been high-end products. Not, y'know, Russian vodka that nobody's ever heard.

However, Roman Burtsev - Leonardo DiCaprio's portly Russian doppleganger - isn't one to let an opportunity to make a few quid pass him by. The former security guard-turned-celebrity impersonator has only gone and made his acting debut as... well... himself.

The advertisement for Pyat Oser Vodka sees Burtsev driving a fake BMW whilst talking on a fake iPhone next to his girlfriend who's wearing fake Louboutins. After that, Burtsev then pulls over and takes a swig out of the vodka bottle and goes off on a paddle boat.

Russian advertising, folks. Take a look.

If Leonardo DiCaprio ever needs to bulk up for a role, they can just call this guy in and pay half the asking price for him.

Or, y'know, not. Whatever.


Via YouTube