So long Junior Cert. It's a sad day. No no, scratch that, it's a WONDERFUL day, at least for all those in first and second year and all future would-be Junior Cert sitters. The JC as we know it is no more!

What's replacing it? The JCSA, otherwise known as the Junior Cycle Student Award. Putting smiles on the faces of youngsters and parents everywhere, the Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn said: "The overhaul of junior cycle is long overdue and much needed... However, I do acknowledge that many teachers have legitimate concerns about how these new changes will be introduced in schools"

Fear not, teachers among us, they'll be employing a group of experts to ease this in gently and making sure the young'uns are still getting the necessary education to move on.

He continued: "This working group will be a forum where the concerns of the partners can be heard and addressed over the next number of months and years... The current Junior Cycle curriculum has been in place for 25 years without any fundamental reform...There is compelling evidence that it is failing some young people as significant numbers of first years do not make progress in the key building blocks of learning: English and Maths... The new JCSA will address these problems and ensure students become informed teenagers and citizens with the tools to achieve their full potential."

What we're wondering is whether this will get rid of the archaic method of cramming your brains out for an exam that won't matter in life (sorry but it WON'T) or whether it's much the same under a new name.

What do you remember from your Junior Cert days? I'm scratching my brain as I type, there's a strong change I underwent some sort of voodoo spell to remove all trace of Junior Cert memory from the annals of my mind.