You might recall seeing a video of a guy unexpectedly finding out that his wife was pregnant - even though she didn't know herself.

Here's the video to refresh your memory.

Sam Rader, whose video went viral and launched his YouTube presence, became an overnight sensation. His Christian, all-American, Family Values-supporting YouTube channel garnered over 360,000 in the course of a few short months, with Rader and his wife's Christian values forming a central part of the YouTube channel.

Rader was forced to remove a video which showed him convincing his five-year old daughter that gay marriage was wrong. Now, however, he's been forced to make another YouTube - about his Ashley Madison account.

The Ashley Madison hack has revealed that Rader had paid a total of $406.00 to the site, however he claims that he didn't meet anyone on the site or engage in an extra-marital affair with anyone on the site.

In his YouTube video about the Ashley Madison hack, he says that his wife has forgiven him and that God has "cleansed" him of this sin. Rader's account, which went under the title 'dirtylittlesecretman28', was opened in 2013 and was found during the latest dump of information from the website.

Rader isn't the only Bible-spouting personality to be found on the website. Reality TV star Josh Duggar was also found on the site as well. Following the reveal, Duggar called himself "the world's biggest hypocrite" - although Rader, meanwhile, says he's been forgiven by God.

Right so.


Via YouTube