You'll recall that, a few weeks ago, we uncovered shocking proof that human cloning has reached its fullest potential by cloning Leonardo DiCaprio.

No, but there's a fat guy in Russia who looks very like him and, within a few short days, he went viral. Well, it seems that he's becoming a celebrity of sorts in his native Russia as DiCapriovich (that's what we're calling him) - real name Roman Burtzev - now has his own reality TV show. Yes, really.

The TV show, named Romance With DiCaprio (we think - Google Translate might have messed up on us), sees Roman going through a number of gruelling psychological challenges to find love and happiness. What kind of challenges, you ask?



Жду завтра вÑ?ех (а оÑ?обенно прекраÑ?ных дам) в Ð?ФИМОЛЛ СИТИ Ñ? 13.00 до 16.00. Ð'удем знакомитьÑ?Ñ?, фотографироватьÑ?Ñ? на корабле "Титаник". Кому одиноко перед Днем вÑ?ех влюбленных, приходите оÑ?обенно 😉 Там, кÑ?тати, правда будет уÑ?тановлен "Титаник". Спою Ñ? желающими "Май хат вил гоу он" 😂 Ð? пока пою Ñ? @m_gladkikh #дикаприо24 #романÑ?дикаприо

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Some of the sketches have included him crawling in a bear-skin tarp ala The Revenant, going on tuxedo-dressed dates with Russian models and belting out Celine Dion's classic, My Heart Will Go On, in a shopping centre. Judging by his Instagram, he's also clearly being put through some sort of diet, not to mention something that looks remarkably like a Botox treatment as well.

Russia is a strange, strange place. Let's hope this makes it way over to this side of the world because it honestly looks too good / weird to miss. Good on DiCapriovich for making the most of his newly-found celebrity, though.


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