Back in the heady days of 2012, Rebecca Black stormed onto the Internet and took the world by storm with her cringe-inducing track 'Friday'.

The hideously-autotuned pop hit became an overnight sensation and threw Rebecca Black into the spotlight. It was endlessly parodied and featured on late night comedy shows and more. As soon as it hit, she was gone. 

Or so we thought.

Now 18, Rebecca Black's become a hugely popular YouTuber and blogs regularly about her experiences as a teenager and living with life after fame.

In a recent interview, Black talked about how her short-lived fame has hindered her having any kind of relationship. "Their whole attitude will change, or they’ll get really shy. I think it’s really intimidating for a lot of people, but I don’t know why. It’s not like I’m Selena Gomez or something. I’m a pretty nice, normal person."

Black enjoyed a modicum of success following the release of Friday when she cameoed in Katy Perry's video for the hit single, TGIF.

So what's Black doing now? She's recently graduated from high school and her YouTube channel, which sees her dispensing advice on why you should like school (it gives structure in your life, apparently) and reacting to viral videos. Yeah, thrilling stuff.

As well as this, Black responds bravely to hate comments and trollers she's received down through the years.

"It would be great if I could eliminate some of the backlash and hate and dealing with death threats at the age of 14," Black noted in a recent interview. "That front seat, backseat' thing... That’ll stick with me forever."

Despite the fact that she's still widely associated with Friday, Black is still attempting to get her musical career off the ground while maintaining her hugely popular YouTube channel. It's no surprise that Black identifies strongly with Taylor Swift, calling her "the best businesswoman in music right now."

Did someone say Taylor Swift / Rebecca Black duet album? No. Nobody did.


Via Instagram / BF