Just to clarify, we're talking about Turkey the country, not turkey you eat at Christmas dinner. And when we say Santa Claus, we mean St. Nicholas of Myra, the historical figure who is commonly credited with being the inspiration behind Santa Claus.

Because, y'know, Santa Claus is a myth and the whole jolly red man in a suit was popularised by Coca-Cola. Read the Snopes article if you don't believe us.

Anyway, archaeologists in the Turkish town of Demre have discovered what they believe to be the final resting place of St. Nicholas of Myra, a 4th century saint who was known for his charity and gift-giving and formed the modern basis for Santa Claus and Christmas in general. Demre, where an excavation has begun, was built over the ruins of Myra and is understood to house some long-lost artefacts and antiquities, including Jolly Old St. Nick's rotting corpse.

St. Nicholas began as Sinterklaas and was homogenised into Santa Claus by Dutch settlers in the US, which in turn helped to popularise the character and become the image we know today. But to reiterate, Santa Claus is made up and has never come down a chimney with presents. Also, your parents were either eating the food you left out for him or dumping it. Not only that, the guy who played Santa Claus in The Santa Clause did time for drug trafficking and is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

There is no joy in this world that cannot be ruined in some way, folks. Life is pain and Santa's remains will be soon exhumed.



Via National Geographic