You know when you're buying something online - maybe it's a new coat or maybe it's pizza - and you're asked for your password?

You know how that's the single, most annoying thing in the world at that moment in time?

Rejoice. It's being done away with.

Visa and Mastercard have finally taken the hint and are removing the Verifed By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode pop-up from the Internet.

The 3DSecure Protocol, to use the technical term for the process, proved hugely unpopular with online shoppers and was actually found to be not that secure.

Security experts agree that using a static password - that's one you have to remember and commit to memory - isn't all that secure.

Instead, what's likely to happen is that online verification will be done either through biometrics - that's fingerprinting - or a one-time password, like that Google 2-Step verification process or the Code Generator on Facebook.

So now you'll never miss out on an eBay auction for a Stormtrooper costume because you can't remember a password you picked three years ago.

Not that we bought a Stormtrooper costume on eBay or anything.