WELL. Who saw that coming, etc?

Seemingly the pair wed at the city’s Wynn Hotel at 4pm local time yesterday. They are staying at "the upmarket Planet Hollywood hotel in the honeymoon suite" which costs £6,000 a night, and were spotted looking at rings shortly before the ceremony.

A statement released by their spokesperson said: "Katie and Alex are delighted to announce that they got married in a private, simple ceremony at 4pm (PST) on February 2nd in Las Vegas. Their reason for getting married is purely down to their love for each other" *RALPHS* Apologies. Too much pure love does that to me of a midday. Lunch shall be skipped today, especially after this morsel: "We are very much in love and look forward to our future together. We can’t wait to get back and celebrate our marriage with our friends and family who we know fully support our wishes." The kids are probably a bit too young to know what's going on but sure they'll learn through time. As will Katie's mum, who reportedly didn't know her daughter had gone for a "traditional wedding." With a camera crew present.

As with all romantic ventures in celebrity land, it is thought the happy couple, which comprise of a harlot and a hunk of muscle, will reveal all about their surprise nuptials in an exclusive interview (probably with OK!) when they return to the UK. The wedding could even be screened on TV (WHOOOOOOP!), as cameras which follow Katie for her reality programme were with the pair in America. "Katie is not sure yet whether she will allow the footage to be aired" a source said. Bet the right price would make her mind up for her.

For those interested in the incidentals: the ceremony took 22 minutes, with the couple leaving the chapel smiling and holding hands. It was a far cry from Katie's sugar plum harpie themed marriage to Peter, which saw her wearing a huge pink princess dress and arriving in a special carriage. It is unknown what Katie wore to tie the knot, although reports suggest she had trouble finding the perfect gown and so had to “make do”.

Katie and Alex have been dating for a whole seven months, a period of time which saw the former dump the latter after appearing on reality show I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! last year, saying she needed time alone to get over the end of her marriage to Peter. That took all of a month.

Wow, life sure moves fast when you're a celebrity. Especially when your age remains the same for years on end.