Red Bull's Wings For Life World Run has opened for registration. The unique event in which 100% of the proceeds will go to the Wings for Life foundation, which funds research into curing spinal cord injury, is the first race of its kind in that competitors all over the world can race together.

On up to 40 courses worldwide, on the 4th of May at 10.00 UTC, runners all over the world will set off in their respective locations at equivalent times and race simultaneously.

The Irish installment of the race will be held in The Ring Of Kerry, a majestic setting for such a worthy cause. The Wings For Life World Run is not just for seasoned athletes, however, the race is open to all levels, from first timers, to hobbyists and professional runners. All are welcome.

What is more interesting, perhaps, is the format of the race. In what will be another world first, this race will have no finish line. As with other races, routes will be defined, but unlike a normal race, there will be no set distance, for the finish line will be chasing you rather than the other way round. You know where you're going to start, but where you finish is up to you. 

How does that work, says you. Well, this is how it works:

"half an hour after the start signal sounds and the first runners leave the start line official 'catcher cars' will simultaneously set off at each course, pursuing the runners. This pace will accelerate at determined intervals to a rigid global schedule. When the catcher car passes a runner their race is over and its time to catch the shuttle back to the start area and celebrate. 

"As the race progresses the official catcher cars accelerate, eliminating competitors as they pass them, until there’s a single man and woman left running. Only they will be crowned the Global Champions of the Wings for Life World Run. Additionally, there will be location champions, as well as country champions; they will be the final male and female left on the track at each location and in each country."

This sounds very interesting, a refreshing take on the classic racing format as well as being for a worthy cause. 

Head on over to the website to sign up today.