We were only talking about Amy Winehouse and her new boyfriend Reg Traviss the other day but, it could be over before we even know it. According to The Star, the actor has been two-timing Amy since they started courting about a month ago, I kid you not folks (what is wrong with these men?). It appears that he has been having it off with a young lady named Raven who is a philosophy student by day and a part-time stripper/ burlesque dance by night. Oh, how classy of you Traviss, if dating Amy wasn't bad enough for your street cred.

Raven Isis Holt, who is 25, has said that she and Reg are still very much together blabbing, "Amy can't steal my man. He's told me they are just friends. There's no way he'd leave me for Amy."Hmmm, I have a feeling she didn't see her boyfriend wearing the face off Winehouse on the steps of her apartment then, no?

However, I do have a sneaky suspicion that Amy and her new fella have come to some sort of agreement, well, I hope they have. If not, then she can't blame him for doing the dirty seen as she went on a bender on Wednesday night which resulted in this...

-Alicia Coyle