In case it hasn't occurred to you, today Tuesday December 31 is the very last day of the decade that was the 2010's. And to end the decade in a very Irish way altogether, the hashtag #ReelingInTheDecade has been trending on Twitter.

The hashtag was started by Ivan Corless, who normally heads up the #MoviesAndBooze hashtag on Moncrieff every Friday. And for the day that's in it, he decided to do something different.

The idea is that you take a well-known movie title, and stick an Irish pun onto it - particularly something that would have happened in Ireland over the past 10 years.

Here are some of the best responses that we've spotted so far.

"Alexa, have you any friends?"

Great movie, now made even better.

Remember when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a thing?

Still too fresh for some of us.

Now that was far too easy.

Take away anyone?

All too real for those trying to afford a house.

John O'Donnell is firing on all cylinders today.

In reference to The Eighth Amendment, which was passed in 2018.

A questionable movie given an Irish political influence.

We can't imagine this would be a child-friendly movie.

For the year that's in it.

Please no, make it stop.

Yes please, we'd like a trilogy.

Painfully true. Although there is a reboot in the works at Disney...

"Catch him Derry!"

We wonder is there's a sequel on the way - called '21 JobBridges' perhaps?

We lost an Irish TV legend this year.

Let us know if you can think of any more clever Irishisms/movie title mash-ups. And for those interested in what other topics were covered by Ivan in 2019, you can head over to his website to see the best puns this year had to offer.